See it on Pinterest- We make it happen

If you’re anything like me, most of your mornings consist of coffee, getting ready for your day, more coffee, and Pinterest.

Pinterest is the MOST important tool we have today in the design world hands down. One of my favorite things about our company is when I say ‘See it on Pinterest- We can make it happen’, I absolutely mean just that. Our guys are some of the most talented and most creative people in the area and they get just as excited as I do when I find a clever, unique new idea on Pinterest for one of our homes!

When I sit down with a family at contract signing, the first thing I tell them is to create a Pinboard for their home. I will follow that board and I tell them to post anything they see that reflects their taste and what they would like to see in their home. It’s a fun way for us to bond and put our heads together on the design of their home and makes it so simple when it comes time for selections. I just pull the pictures of any cool ideas they’ve seen and colors they like and we decide what to put in the home! It’s my very favorite part of the whole process because it is always so much more simple than they expect. Always a plus!

One of the ways we are able to accomplish this level of customization is our cabinet shop. At Celebration Homes, we have our own dedicated cabinet shop that builds specifically for us. Noe and I love to shoot ideas back and forth and he is always up for trying new, creative concepts. He is one of the key elements to making our homes stand out from his beautiful craftsmanship on our cabinets, accent walls, and anything else you can imagine. Check out some of the photos below to see just how amazing his work is!