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See it on Pinterest- We make it happen

If you’re anything like me, most of your mornings consist of coffee, getting ready for your day, more coffee, and Pinterest. Pinterest is the MOST important tool we have today in the design world hands down. One of my favorite things about our company is when I say ‘See it on Pinterest- We can make

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Ultimate Outdoor Living Package

The other day as I was drinking my coffee on our back patio, it really hit me how amazing our outdoor living package really is. It’s absolutely our most popular upgrade- and for a good reason! At Celebration Homes, we’re all about creating memories and spending quality time with those that you love, and this

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How It’s Done: Trenched Basements

Have you ever wondered how exactly your basement was created? I’ll tell you, it’s a fascinating process. This is our second installment of How It’s Done. This is a video series where Dan will explain how certain aspects of a home are built from the ground up! It’s amazing to see how each person’s role

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Can you build your own home

Building Consultation: Do you want to build your own home but need direction? Contact Dan about hiring him as a Building Consultant! Building a new home is about 1/4 Knowledge and 3/4 management. Do you have what it takes o build your own home? Answer these 4 questions: 1. Do you have good organizational skills?

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